Zombies, Yoga, and Health...Oh My!!!

Hauntingly beautiful
Oct 28

Hauntingly beautiful

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Keeping healthy on a vacation is hard, but with the proper planning its more than possible to stick with your normal routine.
I’m going away tomorrow for 3 days and I have been preparing for it for the last 10 days. I have worked out extra hard and skipped my normal rest days in an effort to compensate for the three days of slighty heavier meals and slowed down exercise. I’m also packing VegaOne nutrition bars and homemade trails mix for when I’m out and need a healthy meal or snack. I’ll probably bring along some bananas or apples for good measure. Never assume you will be able to find healthy options when away. Its better to come prepared rather than say fuck it and eat french fries due to a lack of options.
Try to exercise as much as possible and yes walking does count. I will be spending at least one of the three days in the hotel gym and plan on doing as much walking as possible. I know vacations are for resting, but try to keep as much of your normal routine as possible. It’s all about finding that balance.

Jul 10
Sticking to your routine while away

The past week I have somewhat fallen off the wagon. I have allowed myself a sugary snack almost every day and I even ate red meat last night. I was bummed and very disappointed in myself. I spent most of today having a pity party of one, but after spending some time sifting through the crazy ideas in my head I have reached a conclusion…it’s not that bad and I’m gonna turn it around and be alright. We all fuck up every once in a while. What matters is that I recognized that I was heading downhill and I corrected the behavior before it escalated into late night cheez-it binges. Maybe a little stumble is healthy every once in a while. It definitely makes me remember why I live the life I do and appreciate it all the more.

Jul 8
We all fall down

There is nothing like walking into a movie theater and being slapped in the face with that heavenly popcorn smell. Every whiff beckoning you to buy an extra large tub covered in way too much butter. Back in my hay day I could scarf down snacks with the best of them and not even bat an eye at the 2000+ calories being consumed, but since now I know better I try to plan ahead and come prepared with healthy choices from home.

Last night for example I saw This Is The End (which is effing hilarious, btw) and I brought along a 1/4 cup of lightly roasted mixed nuts and one wedge of Trader Joe’s 73% dark cacao chocolate. I find it helpful if you have some thing that you can pick at. I need that motion of dipping my hand into something and going back for several small bites. It somehow reminds me of when I used to eat chips or popcorn and makes the snack experience more pleasurable. And I am not above packing an entire meal if the movie time interferes with lunch or dinner. Raw, organic almond or peanut butter on some ezekiel bread and a banana with usually do it for me, but don’t be afraid get creative and pack yourself a picnic.

Staying on track is hard and especially when you are out in public and it seems so easy to make a bad choice and just go for the candy and soda, but never give into peer pressure and try not to act impulsively on an enticing smell. Keeping to a clean diet is much more rewarding and you will be proud of yourself when you walk out of that theater knowing you made the best choice for your health.   

Jun 20
Movie Theater Snacks

I ate my oatmeal plain this morning and it was soooo good. It made me think to myself, “Why are you always throwing all that other stuff in here?” We do this a lot and I know I am guilty of it as well. Why do we feel the need to spice things up before we taste them as nature created them? I have taken this step with most of my food, but for whatever reason my oatmeal was the last step. I just assumed it wouldn’t taste good without all my fruits and spices tossed in, but you never know until you try. So what will you try today? Maybe eat those raw veggies without a side of hummus or ranch. Or start by simply skipping that dash of salt. 

Happy Tuesday!

Jun 18
Eat then spice
There are tons of great chemical free ways to de-stink your pits. From natural powder and bar deodorants to homemade concoctions. Personally, the best way I have found is applying fresh lemon juice to my skin. I know you probably think that sounds nuts, but try it and go to the gym just once and I swear you will be convinced.
Jun 17

There are tons of great chemical free ways to de-stink your pits. From natural powder and bar deodorants to homemade concoctions. Personally, the best way I have found is applying fresh lemon juice to my skin. I know you probably think that sounds nuts, but try it and go to the gym just once and I swear you will be convinced.

In today’s fast paced world it only seems natural to wake up in a rush and scramble to find our clothes and get out the door with barely anytime for breakfast. Many people stop along the way and pick up something from their local Dunkin Donuts or bagel store which definitely doesn’t start our bodies off on a very good pace for the day.

Imagine how nice life could be if you were to get to sleep at a decent time and wake up early. I know it may seem impossible, but I promise you it is not. I was one of those people not long ago, but I made choice to live by a new slower pace and it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

The morning is the most important time of the day. What you do in the first 30 minutes of waking up will impact the tone for that whole day. It’s so important to eat a good nutritious breakfast. A pastry or bagel is not the fuel your body needs to run effectively. Instead, try a greek yogurt with some fresh fruit or some plain oatmeal jazzed up with spices of your choosing and possibly some fruit. Steer clear of boxed cereals because they make false promises of health while hiding lots of un-natural ingredients. Healthy food can be fast without being fast food. And rememeber that just because the fast food restaurants are serving egg sandiches with egg whites does NOT make them a healthy option. If you are really in that much of a rush you can grab a banana and a handful of almonds to go. Starting off your day eating  a healthy meal will lead to more healthy choices later on and get you that much closer to whatever your fitness or wellness goal may be.

Jun 12
Take it slow

I’m keeping dinners light while I try to get back into my “summer shape”. Tonight’s meal consisted of a plain non-fat greek yogurt with a tablespoon of honey and half a cucumber sliced up. Dessert will probably be a whole grapefruit. 

What are you eating and how are you changing your routine to prepare for the warmer weather?

Jun 11

Everyone can make small improvements in their lives that will eventually lead to big improvements. Make everything you do a workout. Cleaning the bathroom? Scrub the shit outta that tub and really give it to your arms. If your watching TV you can get up during commercial breaks and jump around. Do jumping jacks, toe-taps, the macarena…whatever gets you up and gets you moving. If you have a desk job make sure you get up at least once every hour to walk around. You can do squats at your desk or use your office chair for tricep dips. When you go shopping try to park as far away as possible to get in those 10,000 steps a day. Always try and remember that standing is better then sitting, walking is better then standing, running is better then walking, and so on and so on.

Look, my point is that everyone needs a place to start. You may not feel ready for the gym just yet, but by making small changes everyday I promise that you will get yourself that much closer to the body of your dreams and better health and well-being. It doesn’t matter how small the changes as long as you maintain and keep moving forward. back-stepping is never an option.  

Jun 11
Make life your exercise

"Wait, so coconut milk doesn’t have dairy in it??". I actually heard that come from a woman’s mouth yesterday. I am shocked and very sad about how little most people know about diet and nutrition, despite all the resources we have at our finger tips. I’m so passionate about healthy living, but I don’t really have anyone to gush over it with. Sometimes I feel like a pot ready to boil over. I often hold back because I know that most of my friends and family do not share my enthusiasm on the subject and I don’t want them to find me boring or feel that I am judging or nagging them. Sometimes I just want to run away to Cali and stalk Karena and Katrina (toneitup.com) until they are my bff’s. Until that day, however, maybe I can make this a place where like minded people can come and we can all chat about the things our families are tired of hearing about.

Apr 21